An irregular ode to mathematics

By: MG (School of Mathematics)
Competition Year: 2018
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Mathematics is poetry itself,
In form and spirit.

From the crevices of inquisitive minds
the universe found its voice,
Now it expresses its perplexing duality
in algebraic representations.

Mathematics has broken the perspectives and assumptions that made our world small,
Now the moon knows man,
Its abstractions have made the cosmos smaller,
and magnified the subatomic realm.

It is the orgasmic union of intuition and intellect,
A  manisfestation of axioms
that in and of themselves, have become the arbiters of reality.


Mathematics was unwittingly complicit in the obliteration of entire cities,
Weapons built from the most aesthetically pleasing equation,
showed with irresistible lucidity,
the perils of having something so beautiful in the wrong minds.


To a numberphile formulae imbue a placid ectasy
that elucidates the beauty of life and our existence,
The romantic exploration of formulae augments our mental faculties
Although once in a while, it breaks them.
Such is its nature.

As a corollary ,I note that unlike poetry-with its ethereal verses-mathematics simplifies nature.
This juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity has inspired quants like myself,to be poets.
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