By: Gabrielle Kirk (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2018
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It's morning blues,
and I tumble from snooze,
and enter into the brisk February dawn.
Quick pace to Uni place,
to sit and try catch the concepts illuminating the professor's face.
But my brows are all furrows,
my forehead tangled with the deadlines of tomorrows,
my pen keeps dancing to the rhythm of my hangover.
I didn't get enough sleep.
My eyelids keep drawing closer.
I go for lunch, I meet a friend,
my mum calls, I miss the call.
I go to the library, I sit and work.
Today its gyroscopes, momentum, torque,
reels of algebra scroll down my lenses.
I think about dinner,
I think about sex,
I think about money,
I think about my ex,
I feel the gratification of fulfilling a 'show that'.
I smile to myself.
I start to walk back.
I pass feet with patterns, and voices that fiddle,
I hide myself in scarf and avoid each puddle,
and I think I feel rain,
but I just have to check,
so I look above the edge of the city skyline,
and I stop

like a slip of silver, the moon outlines itself against a charcoal night,
its delicate face dappled in diffractions from the contours of its craters,
its shape dancing to the secrets of shadow it keeps with the sun,
and my body pulses as my eyes brim with sky,
the stars, twinkling with refraction,
their radiation and the atmosphere in flickering interactions,
and I look down at my palms,
I think about electrons,
I think about quarks,
and they're strange, but I always thought they had charm,
and these particles which inhabit the space that I call 'I',
they're found in these phenomena which drape this humbling sky.
I look around and through physics I feel connected to the buildings, to the air, to the ground,
electromagnetic waves become colour, vibrations become sound,
and for the first time today,
I feel alive
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