By: myra (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health)
Competition Year: 2018
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I wonder how Queen Amytis felt
when she was gifted with the hanging gardens

her pupils perhaps dilated
mouth possibly wide open
did she marvel at Babylon bathing in the warm afterglow?
did Babylon marvel back at her?

I like to pretend I’m walking through the lush green
when I pass the streets of metal, brick and glass
I like to lie to myself it’s all coincidental
when I end up in places I used to visit with you

that bridge where we kissed with an empty promise
where we stood to see the stars

when I touch its metal railings now
I ask myself what haunted and healed those who created it
did they feel the blooming flowers and green leaves
in all of the bricks they laid

I remember holding your hand that night
but now I imagine holding the fleshy stalks instead
me and you, my dear, just a flicker on the boundless timeline
temporary resurrection of the everlasting force

so as I walk through these streets wrapped in melancholy
I wear a crown and a diadem and I cry no more

the growth unravelling in every pane of glass
hearts captured by the same flip of the coin
I hope to be healed with this destruction
I see the world transforming through static seconds

cause I was once in Babylon
we were all once in Babylon
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