The Pull

By: Johanna Blee (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2018
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He doesn’t abide by the normal rules.

At his core is a singularity which defies our understanding.

I know he is dangerous to me. P =-c^2 dM/dt

But his pull is impossible to ignore, not even I can resist it. F_G=GMm/r^2

I feel dizzy, out of control.

I know that very soon I will reach the point of no return, but still like a moth to a flame I cannot stop myself circling closer. R_Sch=2GM/c^2

I am tempted to just give up and enjoy becoming part of something bigger than myself.

But instead I focus on self-preservation.

I know I am no longer in control of what happens, but I will myself to be spared. L_BZ~Ω_H^2 B^2

I know that if I am to be released from his influence, I will probably be unrecognisably altered.

But at least then I would still have a chance of a brighter future, at least for a while.
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