By: Mfon
Competition Year: 2013
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For my eyes, you became sight
For my ears, you became sound
For my nose, you became the smell
For my mouth, you became taste
For my body, you became feelings

We smile, laugh, jump, cry owing to what you say to us.
We stop, walk, run because you have suddenly become the RED, AMBER, GREEN lights we see.
We get our heads nodding because you found your way to our hearts with music.
We live, because you form man's social being

The baby in the womb skips and the mother senses it with a smile
The little boy screams as he falls cos he knows someone is hearing
The young girl smiles cos she sees her friends to play with
The little dog barks and jumps cos its owner has just swung the door open
The old man sits for your freshness cos you are nature-personified.

See how the world has become smaller with you
See how the problems have become solvable with you
See how the ideas have become inventions with you
See how many troop into Manchester cos of you
See how the future remains bright, with you, Communication.
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