Ebb and flow

By: Philip
Competition Year: 2013
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Can you feel life’s ebb and flow?
The seeds of speculation we ever sow,
to watch the fruit of knowledge grow,
yet the more we learn the less we know.

A pallet of glass, concrete wood and steel,
Catches the of heart of engineers appeal,
Pushing boundaries and creating the surreal.
An ordeal of planning rewarded on final reveal.

For are not these structures under tension,
Expanding and contracting met with precise apprehension,
Through every dimension an ever changing convention,
Held in suspension for a new reinvention.

Biology gives a most wonderful insight,
To understand and heal the bodies plight.
When under threat do we fight or take flight,
and what goes on when we sleep at night?

Curiosity captures us, controlling the crave,
makes us who we are and how we behave,
for every system is still just a wave,
like the electrical flow in the memories we save.

The reactions of chemists found experimentally,
Interactions of atoms by laws found accidentally.
Does entropy change just incrementally?
Or does anti-matter show the reverse incidentally.

The separation of ions through electrolysis,
Preparation for surgery by chemical paralysis
The breakdown of food by hydrolysis
Each compound a unique wave of spectral analysis

Physicists delve in the depths of reality,
A particle, a wave or an astounding duality,
With quantum uncertainty a probabilistic actuality,
Forces and particles ordered in orchestral musicality.

In space we find a great galactic storm,
The states of matter and how they deform,
Our understanding put in classical reform,
And is anti-matter the world of ideal form?

So can you feel life’s ebb and flow
The seeds of speculation we ever sow
To watch the fruit of knowledge grow
Yet the more we learn the less we know.
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