God decided

By: Qinmei Zong (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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I asked birds in the sky
Is the world heaven or hell?
I asked fishes in the river
Are people good or evil?
I asked flowers in the wood
Will I be lucky or miserable?
God is silent
God is silent

God will not tell me the answer
But the Bible says
people are sinners
since Adam and Eva ate the apple
In the Garden of Eden
Everyone must suffer from the birth
God decided
God decided
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It always amuses me - to brake a rule you actually need to have a free will, therefore you could go as far as saying that the act of eating apple was a proof for our free will. Or even saying that we aquired free will by this act. It always amuses me that biblical interpretation of this event is that it is our shame. I think the opposite - it should be human pride.
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