Footprints in the Soil

By: Dayl Martin (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2017
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I sang of light, of light of pale silver in the dim,
and light appeared of pale silver upon the eastern rim.
As night drew on the Moon grew bright, his illuminating glow
was bathing frozen ground in silv’ry light upon the snow.

As I look up towards the Moon, my mind begins to race,
for what’s it like to travel there, through the depths of space?
To walk upon his surface and look back towards the Earth,
must leave an everlasting mark of wonder and of mirth.

To walk among the rocks and leave my footprints in the soil
ever takes my mind away from lifetime’s daily toil.
But night draws on and fair Moon’s light begins to slowly sink,
beyond the western rim of Earth, it’s bed time here I think.

I wake next day and think ahead - my day spent in the lab,
the spectrometer I need to prep and the Moon I need to grab!
Today I’m working on the Moon and to his soils I go,
fair anorthite and olivine, and pyroxene star the show.

Pyroclastic beads of vibrant colours spring to sight,
brightest red and deepest green, and blacker than the night.
It suddenly occurs to me that fresh as they may seem,
these lunar samples are far older than I could ever dream.

‘Why have we as human beings never yet returned
to that magnificent desolation of which our hearts have yearned?’
That is the question that ever I ask as I sit now upset
knowing more of these amazing samples man may never get.

Again that night I sang of light, of light of silv’ry Moon
and as I bathed in full Moon’s light, I began to swoon.
My mind once more walked on his soil, left footprints on his face,
and once again I looked upon the Earth from outer space.

With such a view my heart and soul, hot begin to burn
with fierce hope and pride and joy at man’s future return.
So when I’m asked ‘Why should we go back there?’ I smile and I say
‘because to leave my footprints there is my dream everyday’.
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