The Engineering Excursion

By: Esther Kezia Itan (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2017
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From the complexity of nuclear power generation
To the simplicity of levers and pulleys
The prodigious amount of work that made it possible remains invisible
A hidden world beneath the surface of ease and efficiency
The submerged iceberg of intricate components and sagacious concepts
Only divulged through the study of engineering

From the colossal scale of the solar system
To the infinitesimal inherence of sub-atomic particles
The foundation of the Earth was laid and its measures determined
And using a negligible fraction of the wisdom used to create the universe
Humanity created the art of handling and exploiting these laws of nature
The art of engineering

From a profound passion in aeroacoustics
To a spark of interest in addition and subtraction
Knowledge led to the ingenuity of devising and inventing
Striving for a perfect solution for our problems
But a closure can never be reached
Humanity is stuck in an asymptote to technological perfection

But though with all the limitations and constraints
Creating an insurmountable distance and intransigent maze to the objective
Engineers are stimulated by the challenges
Devoting their lives to the iterative journey of problem solving
To improve the quality of life by a finite increment
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