You and me

By: CY. J (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2017
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You enjoy the summer blue sky
And shine
I greet the winter white snow
And night

You stay in the dream
With the tear falling
Falling me

We sit by the sea
Saw the wave falling
Falling you and me

We walked on the street
Met the leaf falling
Falling you and me

We leaned at the peak
watched the sun falling
Falling you and me

We chased in the field
Touched the snow falling
Falling you and me

I stare in the London Eye
While the light missing
Missing you

You wonder along the Bondi Beach[1]
With the time leaving
Leaving me

I lie on the grass
With the eyeglass missing
Missing you
Like a darling.

Finally the dream end
And we become
You and me.

[1]One of the most famous beach in Sydney
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