First Year at Uni

By: Hassan Imran (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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The first day at university it is,
The buildings beckoning birth of knowledge here,
And I, a fresh adventurer in this
Grand universe, begin my zen career;
With hopes that strings of fate will change today
And weave new fabrics of profound display.

The first of days are fateful of them all
And tune the fine parameters of the rest;
And where your kismet kernel will now fall,
There will the shoots of friendship burst in zest.
Then fear not, dandelion, if you do not know;
The nurturing winds ensure where best you grow.

Activities, games, societies and events
Will quench the juvenile questioning of your mind;
And ill-famed fresher’s fair will, with consents,
See that you’re to a dozen societies signed.
Sign up for ten, no twenty! Let passions loose!
‘Til thoughtful reckoning render a few for use.

And nights, they’re meant for lawless celebrations,
And pent up longings of a rhythmic fest.
Never mind the morning after; Reverberations
Can harm us not without our strong behest.
Or so we think each night, ‘til rues return;
But being ourselves, we know we never learn.

The labyrinth of books will let mind’s eye
Probe into space, split atoms, conjugate
Bacteria, stir up revolutions, pry
Romantic rendezvous and other fates.
In erudite lectures, thoughts will not refrain
From building stations for your scholar trains.

These transient pleasures will however be fraught
With raids of sharp exams; stay steadfast! for
The sleepless nights in Alan Gilbert ought
To armour you in the rehearsing war.
Have hope that your battalions still remain
And for your tireless valour reap you gain.

Midst the melange of these stochastic dreams
By chance another dancing soul you’ll find;
The act of love abides not by our schemes
But transcends boundaries that we first defined:
But pleasant is the event we don’t contrive
Yet alters beautifully our delicate lives.

Come summer much the jubilant joys you’ll savour
And bid goodbye to friends until next year.
The Friday loiterings in George Begg you’ll favour
And spend a last glance at your dorms sincere,
Wishing that time had not so quickly passed
But stayed awhile, letting your pleasures last.
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