A Tragic Affair

By: Lauren Draper (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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How often we wish we could turn back the clock,
The hands that trace time, each tick and each tock.

Looking back can be precious, something time cannot measure,
Engraved in our timeline each moment of pleasure.

Once individually the brightest, nothing could compare,
Brought together through our darkness, a tragic affair.

A unique dance was followed, each movement a crime,
With every passing second destroying our prime.

To witness one another in our own mysterious ways,
Grow up and mature - we treasured those days.

But raw greed and desire from our intensifying bond,
Diminished our duo to merely ripples on a pond.

Fate knew our journey was one we could not save,
A story to be told through a gravitational wave.
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