Rumblings of a curious mind

By: Adarsh Ranjan (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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The universe is lovely dark and deep
I crave to know it by a parsec's leap
There's mystery down there, below the beds I sleep
And also, some above me where the heaven's creep
The world is lovely dark and deep
And the god's are methodical in its upkeep
The woods are mystical, dark and deep
And I crave to know it by a parsec's leap

Some say the gods have created the heavens
Some say the gods have been created by the commons
I say there is not a need for a deity's summon
I say the important bit is to get everyone’s mutual amen
The woods might be scary, when dark and deep
But science has promises it tends to keep

We know the questions, and we ask them in lots
But we are deluded and scared easily by zealots
The important part to remember is to continue to ask
To question the promises which seem veiled in mask

The woods has been there, and will always be
Yet, our lives are limited short and steep
The question is,
Will you be there in absolute denial, ten feet deep?
Or you would be audacious to take the giant leap

Faith can be airy enough for the zealot's to threap
Yet, in their mind, the people just let these ideas seep
Smart people have always herded groups like sheep
Yet they still tend to, even when the world clearly weeps

It is us to spread the word, in desperate times of need
Awaken the slept, and break the path which the fanatics lead
God is not the problem here, it's the human deed
The human mind just needs a plant of logic to seed

The woods have always been beautiful, dark and deep
One should crave to know it by a parsec's leap
To question the promises which seem hard to keep
To be audacious and take the giant leap
Only then will the world be in a harmonious good night's sleep
Only then, will the gods rise from their eternal heap
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