Live like Composite

By: Bening Muhammad (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2016
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alike to an Ashby diagram
Lots of parameters
A lot we can consider

Choices are to be tough
To be strong
To resist friction
To embrace expansion
To be sustainable
Or a mixture of the desirable

One need not always be the main player
How about supporting layer?
Noble like sacrificial coating
Shines like gluing resin
Of a weak interphase that dissipates tension

Have you heard about composite?
Of it people get excited
As they shift from conventional blacksmith

Composites give us ways to craft and tune our choices
The stiff increases in toughness
The flexible gets reinforced

Like in composite, dream demands reinforcement
Worst is being isotropic, indifferent
Better is to have preference
Best is to show specific performance

Friends, living up Holy Grail is not cheap
But we know are going to win,
maximize the trade off like composite
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