Dear son

By: Jihyuna (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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You might say that it’s all about getting used to the rules
When you write down the matrix, you would get used to how to multiply.
Maybe you’ve heard that two for eight putting aside that two for tea,
When you start to say mama you would be used to what the world surround you say.

You would get used to how to differentiate,
And how to think upside down to integrate,
You’d glimpse on the C codes and might get rules of it
And how they call a function and make a class.

Maybe you’ve heard “let there be light” when you’re young, but you could have thought five days
are too soon to surprise you! But if you are willing to learn more,
soon after the universe was created, that the density of the light
dominated over the density of the matter, you can derive.

You would get used to how to convert the unit
or how to use calculator, rather.
you would draw Feynman diagrams and might get rules of it
and why neutrino should have mass

But not all the time the rules that you’ve learned work out,
There are exceptions of exceptions when you start to learn French
When you start to love someone
You’d be surprised that she always takes café latte
She sometimes wants to take hot chocolate

Dear son when the tears fall down from your eyes,
Remember that the flowers in the field need a gentle rain to bloom
Remember that the flowers fade and the seeds fall down
The next spring there will be a little sprout hoping the night to be gone and soon the morning would come,
Dear son remember that the one who knew you,
Before you were born is always is always near you,
Closer than your breath
closer than your breath.

The beautiful one is near.
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