Ode to Synthetic Biology

By: Iaroslav (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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What is Synthetic Biology?
Is it similar to Astrology?
Maybe related to Graphology?
Or Phrenology?

No! Let’s explore Synthetic Biology in detail,
And see what this science does entail.

Through inspired by biotechnology,
Synthetic Biology is not only Biology,
SynBio is engineering, computing, planning,
Synthetic Biology is startling!

Synthetic Biology brings the bright future
Via its engineered right structure:
Future glowing trees,
Replacement of kidneys,
Urgent help to bees,
Manufacture of terpenes,
Novel artificial eyes,
Make humanity arise,
And will clear up the skies,
And will take our surprise!

But some people may despise it,
So biologists can prize it!
Making Round Tables global,
Drawing comics, and cartoons,
Making competitions, tunes –
They will face the music noble,
Nonjudgmental, always thoughtful.

They won’t leave it uneventful:
They’ll invite the pencil Masters,
Social scientists will come
And they make the public calm.
They will listen and explain,
What biologists attain,
That they won’t create a devil,
And they will combat the evil,
And diseases and menace,
They eliminate disgrace!

Many odes to be laid down,
As SynBio is at dawn.
Glorifying its existence,
Lets encourage its persistence,
And will not observe from distance,
But give it our assistance!

Oh, SynBio, make it happen,
Bring the brighter future now,
We will cherish and respect you,
And it is our last vow.
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