Illuminated self

By: Hussain Ali (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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If I could travel time,
I would have committed hideous crimes,

Mingling the worlds of future, present and past,
Being superior to all, allowing few things to last,

I would have conquered humanity’s brain,
Hopping from world to world, driving everybody insane,

Wiping out the worries of life, living in the world of mine,
I wish it was plausible to travel time,

Though it’s hard, but I want to be eternal,
Throw me with the speed of light and I will be eternal,

This way I can happily travel time,
As photons of my soul would disperse every time,

I would turn into a particle as small and chunk,
The reality of my life would eventually flunk,

I would view life with different prospects,
No crimes this time and I will still be a suspect
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