Beauty of a Dream

By: Aidan France (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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Long after the sun had surrendered to an amber horizon,
My eyelids bowed to mourn its passing,
With eyes that began to peruse an obsidian expanse,
And a breath that slowed as if the flowing sands of time had ebbed into a mere trickle,
Everything seemed to descend into a weightless void,
My body, constrained by the shackles of the day was released, and began to ascend from reality,
Flickers of colour darted into the dark abyss to dance defiantly,
Their volume and effervescence grew and enriched my vision,
Time had dissipated into a frail figment of my imagination,
I could feel the whirring cogs of my conscious mind grinding to a halt,
Yielding to its subdued sibling,
I was delving into my sub-conscious.

The myriad of colours began to coalesce, forming images from my inner sanctum,
Sound seamlessly spliced into my animated mental montage,
Inaudible clamour eventually progressed into a crystal clear cacophony,
I was the master of these lands,
Here I could entertain the great and good, and receive rapturous applause and admiration,
I could lead armies to heroic victories that would echo through the ages,
I could defy gravity and soar amongst the birds, looking down at the troubles of man,
Here I could walk blissfully unaware of greed, malice and death in my perfectly unique world,
If I so chose.

Yet ultimately my intricate visions came to pass with the rising sun,
As inevitably they always did,
Leaving only a scarce imprint in my mind,
So is the finite beauty of a dream.
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