A Physicist's War

By: DM (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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Months of preparation have led me to here,
The pending battle in my head so clear.
With a single shout from a far-off man,
I ready my weapons and make my plan.

I scan the enemy and start the war
While my unused things lie upon the floor.
My rage is frightening to behold
As a Homeric epic starts to unfold.

But this battle is fought on a single blank page;
My pens my weapons, my focus my rage.
The room full of people; I ignore the rest,
My enemy is just my physics test.

As the hours pass by, I begin to slow.
But I renew the pace because I know
there isn't long left, the end is in sight:
One final push of gargantuan might.

"Please stop writing now and close your exam."
I close it confidently with a slam.
Stress fades to relief, relief fades to bliss,
Relaxed feelings that I am soon to miss.

Emerging victorious, my mood starts to soar,
But winning one battle won't win me the war.
Today's is done, the next is tomorrow.
Oh exams, "Parting is such sweet sorrow".
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