By: Potter (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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The universe was but, at first,

A super-charged blank space that burst,

Exploding with a mighty roar,

Expanding since for evermore.

From nothing sprang the start of time,

The source of heat and force sublime,

From nothing sprang the sudden birth

Of stars, our Sun and planet Earth.

And nothing was the very seed

On which all living creatures feed,

The base of absolutely nought,

Foundation of all human thought.

Yes, nothing is the least extent

On any scale of measurement,

A range of positivity

From zero to infinity.

Yes, nothing is of great import,

Pure logic lauds its number nought

And proves the worst that can befall

Is something that’s no good at all.


A collaboration between Edward Potter & David Potter. Dec. 2015.
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