Nature In Danger

By: ZULFADHLI ZULHISAM (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2016
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I live in a life that everything is easy,
Where technology influences the baby,
While people are getting busy,
And children has become lazy,

When I walk by in a city,
My life seems so lively,
But somehow I feel so sorry,
As nature has lost its pretty

This world changes tremendously,
Where machine has transformed from bulky to tiny,
Humans are controlled by the binary,
And communication exceeds without boundary.

Yes, computer has made people happy,
Mobiles connect people widely,
But nature is not our enemy,
Don’t treat them so badly.

Oh you big company,
Just to preserve your legacy,
You dare to ruin the nature’s family,
Without a pinch of sympathy,

Skyscraper has split the sky,
Technology becomes a greedy guy,
Nature is forced to say goodbye,
As the time goes by.

This world is getting angry,
As technology climb in hurry,
Where candle became a history,
And lamp has made a glory,

Sun rises with full of shy,
Rivers and lakes are getting dry,
Help the earth before it die,
Or later on, they make us cry.

O human please awake,
The anger was showed from the earthquake,
Stop from pointing out the mistake,
All responsibilities shall we take.
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