What is Chemistry

By: Yevgeniy Riley (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2016
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What is Chemistry
the professor asked
raised hands and answers
its periodic elements
its atoms and molecules
its kinetics and thermodynamics
no said the professor

What is Chemistry
something to do with investigating
something to do with properties
something to do with reactions
yes, yes but of what
substances of which matter is composed
close, but link it all together

What is Chemistry
investigating the periodic elements
the properties of atoms and molecules
as well as kinetics and thermodynamics of reactions
yes, almost got it now
what do we study that underpins it all
just think now of the basics

What is Chemistry
oh I know, its the protons and electrons
the way they are linked we can measure
we can observe the movement of electrons
that is what reactions are
rearranging electrons to release energy
or putting energy in to do it backwards

What is Chemistry
its basically all about the study of electrons
two give a bond
four give a double bond
six give a triple bond
one is alone as a radical
and the all live in set orbitals
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