Saving earth

By: Shan (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2016
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There is no hope left for saving earth.
It will never be believed that
we took care of this planet.
our generation
care only for ourselves.
we decided we cannot
change our lifestyles to suit the planet.
we realised what is important, and it’s that we
exploit this planet as much as we can.
the worst thing to do is
reduce reuse recycle.
instead we
just make more of what we need.
we resolved we can not
stop climate change.
we made it our job to
keep burning fossil fuels.
despite what people said we could not
put a stop to power and money clouding our judgement.
it was our duty to
make sure nothing else could survive on this planet.
we could not be the generation to
fight for change.
instead we
just ignore the problems.
it’s stupid to think that we can
be optimistic about our survival.

This is our future, unless we turn it around (now read from the bottom to the top)
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