A magical house, indeed

By: Aizai (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2016
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That night I stayed in a magical house.
The emotion that squiggled through me as I stepped in, I cannot douse.
Covered in tapestry, so intricate, so warm;
To be matched by the fur and not the coldness on Her Majesty's feline form.

I am a PhD student of science,
With Physics in particular, I have formed an alliance.
The cat doesn't care, I suspect.
Her nonchalance having a satirical lack of respect.

Well anyway. I quivered and danced at the trinkets and artifacts;
Bells, beads , wood carvings and paintings of bats!
The place was high in an enchanting womanly spirit;
To be matched, this time, by Karen who had downed a bottle of it.

An intellectually romanticized art,
Such as experimental Physics, I could not offer for my brain and my heart.
She wasn’t impressed, 'I would use my heart on a man
And my brain to weave a sensible, practical life plan'

Anyway. Madness, I assure you, in such magnificent homes,
Can only add to the merriment of our hormones.
Karen assured me twelve times before the day came to an end,
That the strange man in the kitchen was just a friend.
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