The Roads

By: Jeff (School of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
Competition Year: 2016
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My Dear,

I Love you more than you can imagine
Though you would leave me soon
Yet you would stay with me forever
We've treaded upon the lonely roads these past years
We've fallen to the evils and goods of these lonely roads

You've treated me good
You've treated me bad
We've laughed together
We've smiled together
We've wailed together
And we've cried together

You've dried my tears
I have dried your tears
You've caused me to sorrow
I've caused you to sorrow

In times of deception
We've shared our realities
The distance setting us apart
Shall also bring us together

I cannot deny that loving you has not cost me much
You cannot deny that loving me has not cost you much
We are paying the price of the prize

A part of me has made you who you are
A part of you has made me who I am

Even if time separates us, something keeps us together
And that is: that part that has brought us together

In our silence
In our solace
In our err

Sleep, Close your eyes, close your minds, and
Dream my dear, because I am already dreaming!
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