Clocking On

By: Tom
Competition Year: 2013
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An old man put his career to bed,
Sighed despair at his young protege, and said:
"I can't envy you, boy, of your work to come,
For all to be thought of is already done;
The cars are all hybrids and drive without steer,
Rots and diseases all solved with a smear,
We flit to wherever, cheap flying abound,
And pay on our plastic, not penny nor pound.
No more can be dreamed, I tell you, it's true,
I've been in the race since '72!
Don't believe me? Well, before insult's hurled:
Just look at our wonderful, brave new world."

But he won't agree, the bright eyed lad:
"No, there's dreams to be dreamed and fun to be had.
It's true, waves create, and wind farms hum,
But there's no orange juice you can have after gum,
You reserve and record and rewind TV shows,
But none of that data can get to your nose.
As yet we can't live on Atlantis or Mars,
Drum up a black hole, bottle the stars,
Have robots that drive us and dress us and clean,
We'll keep it up until PS15!
There's more to be thought of, it's no time to shirk.
My shift is begun. To work! To work!"
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