By: Ragiab Issa
Competition Year: 2013
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Libyan Spring

In mid-February and spring on the doors
Looking for freedom, youths rushed to arena
Demanding the age's tyrant to go with his tails
The tyrant answered with arrogance and swears to cut the necks
Of you? In stupidity he asked, and is hot in the answer
Haste, he sent rifles supported with bayonets
To broadcast the horror in the hearts without questioning
Characterized his loyalties with yellow hats hanging on the necks
Not inappropriately time, the people came out from all humping
Deviated his eyes with tears, but in the basement he hide it
I am the maker of glory I'm the parties Crusher, He said.
Collected all his gears, his soldiers and toss of impunity
To kill the people, not for guilt but liar Musaylimah he is
Created a thousand and one tales, and begging at the doors
Fast Mercenaries rushed with him inflicting mirage
Dream of a homeland is not their right or a handful of dust
As miserable butterflies, rushed through a hole in the door
To find children inside exercising home games
Retreat the cowards fear of mine in those games
The children continued playing and the doors closed
Gathered all the battalions, holding no game and no book
Practiced bombing and destruction, and the types of rape
Hallucination pills and amulets hung on the necks
Ugly faces, their mothers Touhmt on crow
Even Baltic's virgins came seeking for a drink
Hunting a chastity of a beautiful with veil
What were the buds of spring to do, only dig the soil
And out of the will are unmatched, although the injured
Gaining their weapons from their enemy and prepared for the account
Gathered and trained despite the breadth of the land
Gave donating blood or money, no fear from difficulties
Defeated Al-Qadhafi's battalions in every coral
His soldiers' bodies seeming in Misurata as a horizon of mirage
In the east of the country have gone back like dogs
From glare weapons quickly the youths mastered
The mountain of its different spectrums proudly defended to protect soil
Do not sweat their teams and Hamza's whoop does not affect
They gathered and banded and liberated the coast of torment
Fezzan which he surrounded, has been endowed and dried saliva in his mouth
Seven months and people are suffering depression
Till he died, Musaylimah liar
This is Libya with its people despite the tragedies and suffering

Manchester - Ragiab Issa 25.12.2011
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