What a Strange Place, Indeed.

By: Yamen Hawit
Competition Year: 2012
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I am a giant in this shallow world,
A blot of red on a colorless painting,
A thought amongst a mindless herd,
A cure in a land that's tainting.

I am music in a world of deaf ears,
A free mind in a world of priests,
Poetry in a world of illiterates,
A human in a world of beasts.

I am a Knight on a checkerboard,
A fish in the sky,
A slave in a palace,
A king in a sty.

I am a page on a word,
A map on a place,
A sky in the cloud,
A man on a face.

I push as they pull.
I bob as they weave.
I speak as they're silent.
I doubt, they believe.

I am restless and fervid,
Clever and learned,
As bright as the stars,
As hot as the surface.

I do not fit in here,
I am a dangerous thing,
In a literal world,
I am a symbol for dreams.

In a crumbling world,
I am the promising youth.
I reject the status quo,
And embrace the truth!

. . .

This place is so full of wonders and magic,
But the people are so full of anger, it's tragic.
What is it precisely that drives men mad?
Power and pride, is it as simple as that?

Oh, how they act with such blindness and greed,
All I can say is what a strange place, indeed.
I, however, will never adhere!
I give you this world, as I do not fit in here.
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