Be more creative

By: Daniel Clarke
Competition Year: 2012
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“I’m afraid you’re denied.” The tall man concluded
“If you think you deserve this you must be deluded.”
The case was closed lightly, with barely a sound,
But to me, the box seemed an ill burial ground.
“But it ticks all the boxes it’s just what you want,
From the front to the back all the way to the font!”
But the tall man leant forward and narrowed his gaze,
“Be. More. Creative.”
Be more creative? But I work in a lab!
A need for such nonsense I never have had!
I told him his as much and you know what I heard?
“Do you hear yourself speaking? You sound quite absurd!
You think much too linear, be more convoluted
That’s why Bragg, Bohr and Blackett appear so well suited.
Be more inspired and inspiration will follow,
Or my next theory will be How a head can be hollow.”
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