A Cancerous Ordeal

By: Maria Saeed (Biomedical Materials Science)
Competition Year: 2012
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It roared through his blood vessels,
leaked into his pores like an unfathomable venom and stealthily infiltrated his cells.
Under the cover of pretence
It speared its dark necrotic body
poisoning, secreting blameless victims,
and an endless hole that would never be filled.

They told him he was going to die. Fact.
Not reputed, need not be justified.
A couple of months one mentioned, with a trained apologetic glance
at the victim of such misfortune. An acknowledgement. Of some sort.
He pondered his unjust luck, oh the irony
wanted his life to flash before his eyes
Just another victim, just another casualty, just another.
Each living breath of his one step closer
to the finite ending of this world
‘Think of it as a blessing’
How? he asked through bleeding tears of disbelief and anger
‘One less day in pain’
‘Keep the faith’ he was told.
So the only outcome was to be death.
No cure. No hope.

He waited
overcome by fathoms of remorse and regret
At worldly wonders he would have found no solitude in
No bucket list he wrote, no final words.
Silence seemed fitting.

She bent down, salty lips where tears had fallen and delivered his kiss of death.
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