By: Muhamad Ramli
Competition Year: 2012
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Walking slowly,

Suddenly I feel a breeze that blows softly,
it is Windy who wish me,
and I’m now in a state of warm snug comfort, cosiness,
a state that I longed for,
who says I’m alone?
again, Windy kiss me
and she’s now gone.

Walking slowly,
I see a yellow Maple Leaf leaving his master,
flying, enjoying his freedom.
Oh! It’s Gravity,
or what I prefer to call him, Uncle Gravvy.
He is an attractive, lovely old man, very old man.
Everything falls towards him,
never permit us to stray away.
I know, he is always holds me, accompany me.
Who says I’m alone?

I am now,
at the top of a hill,
where everything surrounds me.
I look up and see Aunty Blue Sky covers me beautifully.
I see the children of Mrs Grass playing around,
they are all wearing green t-shirt, running happily.
I can see Mr Birdy flying towards supermarket,
to get some worms and other groceries for his family.
I can feel the grip of Uncle Gravvy,
and now Windy is all around, breezing gently,
continuously, promising that she will never leave me again.

I can see many things, there are all alive.
They are all around me, they are all live with me.
Who says I’m alone.
No! I am not alone.
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