Coffee Break

By: Ahmed Al-Lawati
Competition Year: 2012
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Sitting on a grassy hill, resting
Raise my pen to link words
The gentle breeze won't inspire my thoughts
But sunrays leaked through the giant clouds hit me
The warmth makes me look around to find I look silly
Everybody chatting, laughing, playing but I'm holding a pen
It seemed to be stuck to my skin
I want to write great lines, or just anything
But the pen and paper appears to repel
My tension ascends even though passing by women were exceptional
Strangely, I felt it was essential to write a sentence
About the elegance of Rome or the beauty of Paris
The cruelty of poverty or the stupidity of politics
But I could not find a sense of purpose
Like most human lives
Like all my self-strifes
My coffee got cold while I attempted to write once again
I know I can't stop it since it ran through my veins
A self-conflict on which Idea was not old
A flow of concepts that needed to be told
Personal emotions that begged to be unfold
A way to re-fill myself with hope
Perhaps remind myself that money defines our current place
& Love creates our breathing space
An insect bite disturb my dreamy face
I realise I'm late and had to pick up pace
Anticipated to be back
Sitting on the grassy hill, participating in my minds' race
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