From Ingenuity to Marketability

By: Salil Deena (PhD Student in Advanced Interfaces Group)
Competition Year: 2012
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From the mind of man it is conceived
With heart and feeling it is believed
Strong is the dedication with which it is achieved
To the delighted consumers it is finally received
Such is the journey of a bright idea
From the mind of a crazy fella
That everyone initially laughs after
Until it reaches the limelight of the media
Products so greatly cherished and loved
Did not come out of thin air
But by the belief that humanity is best served
When both heart and mind go in pair
The rational and scientific mind alone
Can produce works of great elegance
But to consumers they can be as heavy as stone
Unless sculpted into a product of magnificence
The creativity that gave rise to symphonies of Mozart
Is also what drives scientists to come up with great inventions
But unless they have the ability to appreciate art
Ingenuity fails to finds its way into things everybody mentions
The greatest inventors view themselves as artists
Bridging the elegance and beauty of great design
With the bright ideas of engineers and scientists
To create something that no one can resign
True ingenuity is found at the intersection
Of the rigid world of pure reason
And the unsteady and wavering world of emotion
Which are enough to put great things into motion
Few are those who can have the genius
Of a great scientist like Einstein or Feynman
And the ability to understand human impetus
One who does becomes a very powerful man
We witnessed such ingenuity in Steve Jobs
Who had the ability to distort reality
With a tremendous power that had no stops
Blending technology and art into products of astounding beauty
The ability to integrate mind, heart and will
Makes an unstoppable force of nature
That raptures the heart and makes the mind still
When contemplating and using the product of manufacture
Integration of reason and emotion thus creates ingenuity
That delights what we see
Whilst cherishing products having attained high marketability
Leaving us with an incredible feeling of glee
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