I did my part

By: Maksims Ivanovs (2nd year undergraduate of school of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2012
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I'm standing on the rim of a pit
Where all my hopes and dreams can slip
Torn by two forces that are craving
My soul's obedient enslaving.

On one side there is fear with demons running
To make me fall through neverending pain
But on the other side the faith and will are striving
To free my spirit from the conscious bonds obeyed.

Just try once more, don't fear to fall,
Don't stop until you have it all.
Aim is to search, to prosper and to grow,
Through fallen minds that shine with darkness at your glow.

What if this time will be the last to shine?
What if your fire stops to glow and turns to ashes?
Constrain the voices in your mind to one that says:
“Keep up the fight and keep your heart in motion”.

Despite the means of those who question,
Who don't believe, don't want the change,
Retain the spark that gave your heart the reason,
To leave grotesque profanity away.

Discover new, don't fear the frightened,
Dispose of prejudiced confinement,
That holds you back, that shouts: “Don't go!
Thy will face failure on the runway!
Just look around, you will be laughed at,
No place for madman in this world,
Who thinks that he can even hope
To twist the thoughts of those who never listen
Whose hearts are empty, filled with doubt,
Distrust that keeps their minds diluted,
That taints the well of light you seek
Keeps you away from dreams and fearsome knowledge
That hide discovery behind the shrouded veil
Don't be naïve, you’ll go astray and fail!”

Their laugh and doubt will slowly turn to silence
As thoughts you had convert your energy to gold you seek.
Thought is the energy degrading into matter,
Creating wholesome image from the thoughts that were oblique.

When time will come to fade away,
With no remorse what will I say?
“I used my chance; pure in my heart;
Have no regret; I did my part.”
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