By: Arya Mahdavi
Competition Year: 2012
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and our grace fades to ages not yet spent
and days we were not ment to spend were lent
to places where we are frail and look admist
to claim ownership of lives came and forgotten
love became and for came the most of our wisdom
in some memory embrace
to remember a stolen sense of place
turned around to face the gods of fate
seems like all we touch turned to hate
tied to the mortal coil of a downward spiral
as soul escapes the aged hands, wrinkled and veined
to remember a fearless vivacious valour for this life replaced
by regress in evil worlds, with wounds, from body wrought
as it now divides from these shackles of unkind thought,
freeing us from the broken marriage with compassion
for living into decay and over our belief is the fashison.
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