Bacteria, my best friend

By: Miebaka Daka (Environmental Engineering)
Competition Year: 2012
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I never knew you existed,
I have never seen you,
My biology teacher told me you are real,
But I need a microscope to see you,
I was told you caused diseases,
I was told you are very dangerous,
I was told you are a great enemy.

Your name scared everybody,
Your name was a taboo,
Nothing good can come out of you,
It was wisdom to avoid you,
It was wisdom to villify you.

Bacteria was the devil’s henchman,
Bacteria was the evil genius,
If there was odour, it was bacteria
If food spoils, it was bacteria,
If a plant was diseased, it was bacteria,
If there was a decay, it was bacteria,
If a lady had still birth, it was bacteria,
Bacteria was indeed the devil’s demon.

Until my drum of petrol poured on the soil,
And I sought the advice of the Environmentalist,
And I was told I need a friend to clean it,
Who could that friend be?
Where do I find him?
Is it the lion or the bear?
Is it the shark or hippopotamus?

The Environmentalist smiled and said,
It is your little friend,
It is ubiquitous,
Everything is not bad about bacteria,
Bacteria is the Environmentalist friend,
Bacteria is your hope when there is crude oil pollution,
Bacteria is your hope when there is xenobiotic pollution,
Bacteria can clean up many chemicals,
Bacteria can restore your polluted environment.

The Environmentalist smiled with a nod of his head,
There are many friends,
Fungi is a friend,
Algae is a friend,
But bacteria is your best friend.

If you want to know the value of bacteria,
Ask the Environmental Engineer,
Ask the microbiologist,
Indeed, bacteria is my best friend.
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