Bindings of Life

By: Noor Zaheer
Competition Year: 2012
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From the days of Einstein skating the fine curve of relativity,
Up to the mysteries of the black hole being unwrapped by Hawking,
Humans have opened their way through the world of science
Through the threads of space and time, greatness of their souls weaved within…

Within the frame of society lies brilliance in its embodied form.
The realization of Archimedes spawned ships to follow currents,
Whilst the vision of Edison gave us the gift of sunless light,
The unfathomable devastation of atomic power, to Szilard may we owe,
That to which we owe, or that to which we blame for such might?

The good will follow the rules, the great will master the rules
But the exceptional are the ones who make the rules…

From the smallest atom to the farthest galaxies of the universe,
Karmic aura surrounds and binds us all, like a prison in your mind.
For every push we give, we get a push back, equilibrium is key.
The concept so complex yet so elegant, so fundamental, so simple
As simple as an apple allowing your mind to fall down to the truth…

Constrained by the tightest bonds, these shackles hold us together,
The most infinitesimal and meekest of vibrations are all that is allowed,
And only with the assimilation of energy in its purest form
Can man hope to break free and take off in a midst of glory,
Perpetual motion, now just an idea, with a human’s touch soon to be,
Attain hopes of endless possibilities, be able to touch the sky…

Without people the static metal of a car could never hope to be dynamic,
Without people a box can never aspire to be a television,
Without people the only thing air would be carrying is the birds.

In the absence of a human’s touch, without the workings of human intellect,
The concept of science will always be limited by the boundary of theory…
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