By: 5butjam
Competition Year: 2013
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It starts
Small, apart
We look
We think
We find
We come together
It comes together
With pieces and parts
Order is found and built.


We return
We were wrong
Start again
Try again
Think again
We fix and join
Atoms and steel
Numbers and thoughts
Together we build
More than we can alone.

We find the patterns
We look for the clues
From rings of Saturn
To quarks coloured hue
We will innovate
And we will design
Spires spiralling great
Through art we refine.

Our order takes shape and rises up high
Though bound to the ground, endeavour to fly
Humanities wish, carved out by science
Nature and physics, perfect alliance
For our greatest artwork is our conquest
Dominion of all, lay questions to rest
And naught can stop us, no earthly delay
With mysteries unanswered, artists play
Dissecting atoms, dismantling stars
Advancement our legacy, truly ours
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