Creativity and humanity

By: Sarah Medley
Competition Year: 2013
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Consider the stereotype of a typical scientist,
Mathematical and logical, nothing but a rationalist,
Likewise just think of your average engineer,
Technical and practical, no scope for beauty here?

Yet scientists study the universe, where there is such beauty to be found,
A spectrum, a star, a shimmering liquid crystal...just take a look around!
See the striking magnificence of a supernova explosion,
Nature’s subtle patterns or the elegance of an equation.

Scientists and engineers use imagination and creativity,
To gain an understanding of natural phenomena and activity,
Picturing structural details or the way a fluid flows,
Visualising atomic interactions or the way a lightbulb glows.

Scientists are curious, they have questions, they have queries,
They use their creativity to develop brand-new theories,
Engineers help to turn these into groundbreaking experiments,
Combining their creativity to solve real-world predicaments.

Science and Engineering, the opposite of Humanities?
To say that this is true is the definition of insanity!
Developing new medicines, curing cancer or researching nuclear fusion,
What subjects could be more creative or more human?
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