Perpetual Search

By: HugoDuchov
Competition Year: 2013
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Revelations of our times,
The mind is less humble.
Words have less meaning but the melancholy paradox
lies in inevitably asking,
Does anything have meaning?

Innocence confined,
deep in the voids of heart -
Merely a synaptic infinity?
Or a true truth?
In need of method, and worship.
Always returning to the same answer,
Peace of mind, a distant whisper.

Beauty divine,
How its syllabus evolves.
Through the seconds as eons pass,
Ever capricious Nature,
often begging an inquisition
into its existence and its relevance.
Always returning the same answer,
Satisfaction of mind, the blazing bliss.

Inquisitive, yet blind,
An endless endeavour, noble and never,
ceasing to praise that primordial elixir,
Unbraiding the spirit of life.
And with the slow resolution of mystery,
Another answer closer, another question further,
Until the last apple falls.
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