Revolutionary AI Technologies

By: theunkemptone (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2018
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"Come on now tell us what it is you study"
Barks Granddad: farmer, boiler-suited, muddy
I explain my modules as best I'm able,
Across the farmhouse kitchen table.
There's Java, Fundamentals of Computation
Cryptography, Algorithms and Optimisation
And an odd one I thought I'd try,
Its title quite simply just: AI

Aproned Granny looks at me,
Somewhat quizzically.
But Grandfather in contrast
Replies enthusiastically fast:

"Oh aye AI I know that one -
You'll be useful to us yet, son.
Us lads will be out of work", he laughs, "it's funny
But we'll save so much time and money!"
He shuts the fridge door
And walks across the kitchen floor.
"And as you well know, of course,
It comes with the quality of the source.
Soon it will be plain to see
How AI is revolutionary.”

His insight takes me by surprise.
I'm to follow across the yard, I surmise,
Towards the hanging breath of cows and straw.
He pulls upon an ageing door
And bovine form he does unveil
Back end towards us, legs and tail.
Handing me a tool of metal
“Come on boy, she soon will settle,”
Then he puts on a lengthy plastic glove:
"You'll know when to be gentle, when to shove."

All of a sudden Granddad’s shoulder deep,
But from the heifer not a peep.
Feeling very distant from the Computer Science School,
I do the act - and use the tool…

Then I realised Granddad and I
Were not quite seeing eye to eye;
In my world, in my defence
AI meant artificial intelligence,
But AI as an abbreviation
Means also artificial insemination!

Though Grandfather’s view was not defective,
But rather just another perspective,
In all fields, filled with cattle or not,
It certainly mustn’t be forgot
That clear communication is essential
If we’re to unlock technology’s full potential.
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