Axiom of the Heart

By: Alexandra Luminariu (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2018
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I always used to do the math
When things got rough and low
I checked for risks, loses and wins
I calculated it all

I always used to have it planned
Whenever life got cruel
But no maths that I've ever learnt
Could ever work on you

And all the numbers in the world
Can't help me count the ways
In which I lose order of my thoughts
Whenever I see your face

And all the theorems I've learnt
Could never tell me why
I can't seem to let you go
No matter how much I try

You were an axiom to my mind
And proof was never needed
You taught me thinking had to stop
To let the heart get pleaded

I used to think they joked when saying
Time changes the way it flies
But I swear I could feel it stop
When I looked into your eyes

I felt like you've divided me
By zero when you left
My mind could compute no answers
And searches found no end

No algorithm could ever show me
How to get you back
Anybody did Bayesian updating
To win somebody's heart?

I thought that science held all the answers
But what I found was tragic
No teacher can ever prepare you for
Solving love's magic
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