By: asma.jebril (Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health)
Competition Year: 2018
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They say that it can tell a person a lot about themselves
The imaginative conjuring that exists behind the skull
The fraction of your body that makes you – you
But really, are dreams really just a figment of our minds?
Or do these fabrications hold a deeper meaning?
Into what you hope or wish to see
Around and surround you
What your mind is thinking away subconsciously
Like an old monk deep in thought
Surrounded by a world of endless fascination
But find themselves stuck in their own thoughts
Visions layered together creating an inception
Like a labyrinth of contemplations to be had
From the spirals of staircases that exist within
From one to another
Switching between one theme to the next
In a quick glimpse of amazement
Hoping these images are true
To not let those dreams die
But fuel the fire that keeps them all alive
For it to soar as high as a mighty bird
Amazing how the mind is so inventive
In creating these bittersweet mirages
That may or may not exist once you step into the reality
The real world so to speak
The colourful land of creativity that is not in your control
Like the dreams from within those deep slumbers
That might just, with eager hopefulness,
Come true one day
In a moment of déjà vu
But also thinking am I going crazy?
Or haven’t I already seen this happen?
Thus making your mind once again restless
Thoughts leaving and arriving like butterflies
To once again restart the cycle of the mind.
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