The jolly old man

By: Dragos Matei (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2018
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The old man is back in his study
Scribbling his notes once again
The tea cup on his right side is empty
It's business as usual for the jolly old man

His usual companion, the grim British rain
Has taken a week off to date
It's always quite gloomy without his best mate
They shared a few stories, the triumphs, the glories, the sorrow, the pain
But missing his friends, well that's business as usual for the jolly old man

I knock on his window, his eyes open wide
As he sees the kettle that I'm waving by
"What brings you here laddie? And what is your plan?
Want to share a warm cup with your jolly old man?"
I nod and he joyously pats on my back
"Tea comes first laddie, and then I'll make you familiar with those scribblings in my stack!"
We drink, we laugh, we share a few stories, we even complain
Two hours go by in a second
But losing the notion of time, that's business as usual when around the jolly old man

He finishes drinking and carefully pulls a file from his stack
"Here's a draft of my essay, laddie! Read it and provide your most well-thought feedback"
I say my farewell and proceed to read
The old man discusses the nature of life
The hardness, the joys, the withering pleasures
The freedoms and sometimes the excruciating pain
All packed in his mild optimism
Cause withstanding life's burden with his typical smirk, that was business as usual for the jolly old man
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Dragos Matei:
Dragos Matei:
Great poem!
Very enjoyable during these dark exam times
Dan Andrei Iliescu:
Top Epicurius
Taha Ali:
nice one pal
Nice one, Dragos!