Java and biscuits

By: blank (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2018
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Amid the bustle of waiters,
and a soft morning hubbub,
and yet still oblivious
In need of nought else,
but his coffee and biscuits.

Eyes glowing,
filled with avidity and the laptop's rays,
hunched over in the corner,
Atlas burdened,
With magic he composes
Magic: planes of hierarchy, layered by past pallbearers;
gates on top of wires on top of bits;
zest for creation
and life,

Spurred by: deadlines; money; coffee and the potential to leave
an impression, a mark on the world with his code like digital ink,
Like dust on an atlas or palm imprints on the heavens,
the celestial globe
Or like programming autonomy or processing language or hacking
governments or...

He strings line after line after line,
like a pianist on keys,
the tiny god taps, taps, taps away,
driven by puzzles begging to be solved,
Steering us all into the future.
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