Question 4: Concerning Students (A) and (B)

By: Alex Jackson (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2018
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As (A) resides, curled, slaving still,
At desk, at library, quiet,
(B) does flail during the tale
At pub, at merry riot.

If (A) were to retire, make haste,
From calculus and blister,
And turn to beer and evening cheer
Where (B) resides more pissed-er?

So (B) is thwart by student lip
As (A) swings in, moves bar-ward.
Within three sips, (A)’s ears are pricked
By subject matter rearward.

(B) maintains art, beauty apart,
Not as formal cognition.
From fine portrait to childish shape,
These keep-sakes, all expression.

Surrounding knaves, to be convinced
Of “Unmade Bed” and Duchamp
As art, requires a million lives
Lived hard to ebb ones blind pomp.

(A) sitting still feels courage rise
Since finding truth in (B)’s word
But (A)’s defence only dispenses
Views of vilified nerds.

The drinkers do depart anon
But (B) lingers a moment
To pat (A)’s shoulder, thank then fly,
In want of no atonement.

The finished pint drives (A)’s good-night
And dreams of some inclined plane
Intwined with freer pursuits, art’s tears,
Should (A) defend (B) again?
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