Engine of My Mind

By: Alex Copland (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2018
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Another tired revolution in the engine of my mind,
Gears loose, rust on show, cylinder high, pressure low,
No time to repair, you've got to make do,
This machine must run, and so must you.

Another power cycle in the circuit of my mind,
Frayed wires poorly wrapped, blown fuses, leaky caps,
Resistance increasing, current is rising,
You couldn't have known, stop analysing.

Another day at work in the building of my mind,
Cracked foundation, crooked doors, leaking pipes on every floor
This tower's condemned, please concede,
A lick of paint, that's all you need.

Another flight hour in the aircraft of my mind,
Uncontrolled failure, engine exploded, crew is hypoxic, frame overloaded
Oil pressure low, fuel leaking,
A place to land, that's all we're seeking.

Another clock cycle in the program of my mind,
Computer boots, process running, code is poor but visuals stunning,
Leaking memory, all pages filled,
Task manager open, process killed.
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