A letter to my unborn son

By: Dragos Matei (School of Chemical Eng. and Analytical Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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My dear son,
My dear boy,
Here's something that you might enjoy
I promise you, that by all means
This isn't about Brexit, Mr. Trump or memes
These are some words that might as well be overlooked
I really hope that before rock n roll, the finest girls
And drunken nights in college
You will embrace the quest for knowledge
You'll know the particles that go around
To measure density using the speed of sound
A summary of Perelman's solution
That once a beagle was essential to describe the evolution
But if you don't do that, your dad won't be upset
He, more that anyone will want you to be free
Will even be supportive if you choose a Politics degree
But dear son...given all I've said
Why won't you go for a PhD in Chemistry instead?
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Dragos Matei: