My hero

By: Pablo Manzano (School of Computer Science)
Competition Year: 2017
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I have followed a dream
One of those people should know
A dream only one person believed
Pay attention as the poem flows

He taught me to never lose hope
That is part of the process
I fell, got up and continue
That is what he calls progress

Who is this person you may ask
Strong in soul, brave in fight
Clean in heart, brilliant in mind
Like old men in black and white

All the tough times together
And nothing could stop us
This whole poem is about...
Be patience, there is no rush

Those days I spent at the hospital
Thinking I was alone in the fight
But he never broke his promise;
Stood by my side every single night.

Finally, we got an answer
One we had been waiting for long
The UoM accepted my application,
He knew here is where I belonged

But this is what life is all about
One day you nearly kiss the sky
And the next you hit the ground,
Trying not to cry

Many reflexions as I write;
What have I learned?
After all these stories,
We are reaching an end

I will finish what we started
That was his last desire;
I will graduate with honours,
You have aways been my prior

No matter how far the sky is
DonĀ“t you dare to say goodbye
Legends never disappear
As well as heroes never die

Thousands of km in between us
And you will never see me sad
Because I spent all my time
Trying to make you happy, dad.
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