All That

By: Rasda Diana (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2017
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She walks down, tapping like a dance
Nod her chin, smile a glance
All that

He writes notes like a poem
Calculating his distance to home
All that

Her hair shines too bright
As if tomorrow she'll be a bride
All that

His jaw draws strength
But his forehead lines, stays as if it's never gonna left
All that

Me sitting in this café
Overwhelmed with the smell of latte
But she and he, have their own way

Forecasting the span
The finish line when it’s done
After all,
Will I be her part of fun?
Or his piece of charm?
Can I fit to anyone?

F = GM1M2 / d*2


summers has gone
Just for me to understand
That my distance is just too far from anyone
To be as attractive as their loved one

That’s all.
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